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water and flood damage clean up and restoration
Floods4Less is committed to providing the highest quality and guaranteed services with pride, efficiency and convenience for our valued customers. Double the Service - Half the Price.

We are so confident about our quality of service that we will give you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You can compare our prices to our competitors and you'll see how much you save with Floods4Less.

We work directly with your insurance company so repairs and restoration are completed more quickly, and there's less paperwork and headaches for you.

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Water & Flood Damage Repair & Restoration
water and flood damage clean up and restoration
When water damage strikes, whether it is a river overflowing, an unrelenting storm, or a broken water line, the effects can be devastating. Addressing the situation immediately will keep the effects of the water damage to a minimum.

Reparing water damage at your home or business is our speciality. We'll help identify the source of the leak if not already obvious, repair that source, repair the related damage.

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Fire Damage Restoration
fire damage repair and restoration
Floods4Less knows that water damage can be devastating. Favorite photos, pieces of furniture, treasured books, personal items and all the things that surround you are part of the place you call home. These things can be tragically destroyed in a fire. If you are a business owner and the fire happens in your facility the loss is twice as difficult. You may lose accounting and sales records, computers and software, machinery and tools as well as the building in which you earn your living.

Don't assume any loss a "total loss". Many of our customers are amazed at how well we can restore property and its contents to usable condition.

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Mold Remediation
mold remediation and removal
Mold and mildew can wreck havoc on your environment. When mold, bacteria or odor affect your indoor air quality, you must take action to protect the health of those in your environment and protect the value of your property. Floods4Less can solve your mold problems.

If you suspect mold in your building, Floods4Less can start with a thorough, expert mold inspection of your property. If you know you have a mold problem, we can remediate that problem entirely.

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Contents Restoration
contents and personal belongings restoration
Often everything in a building needs to be cleaned, deodorized and stored after a flood or fire. Building contents can suffer extensive damage from smoke, ash, soot and/or water(Often these items include: carpet, drapes, furniture, appliances and electronic equipment). Sometimes items that are damaged are too precious for a price tag. Floods4Less can help recover and restore your contents.

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Thermal Imaging
infrared thermal imaging services
You don't always have to open or tear down a wall to see what's happening behind it! With our ThermaCAM E2, which is the world's most uniquely designed infrared camera, Floods4Less can determine the source of a problem before any repairs begin.

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