Contents Restoration
contents and personal belongings restoration
Often everything in a building needs to be cleaned, deodorized and stored after a flood or fire. Building contents can suffer extensive damage from smoke, ash, soot and/or water(Often these items include: carpet, drapes, furniture, appliances and electronic equipment).

Fire damage can continue even after the fire is out. Many appliances, fixtures, furniture and flooring materials are synthetic. When synthetics burn a variety of complex chemical reactions can occur. These reactions can cause the property to deteriorate in a matter of days. This creates a need for content restoration and storage.

Content restoration, such as deodorization, clean up and refinishing is just as important as structural repairs. Our technicians are extremely professional and detail oriented, treating your property and belongings with the care they deserve.

Floods4Less works in cooperation with you and your insurance company. If structural damage is minimal and the building can be secured, we restore and deodorize the contents onsite. If the building needs extensive repair, we carefully inventory and hand pack your belongings and provide you with an itemized inventory list.

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The carefully packed items are transported to our secure facility for restoration and/or cleaning. Our technicians hand clean, polish and deodorize your belongings. When the process is completed, your personal items will be restored to a pre-loss condition. Once the building is restored, the contents are returned to your building or residence. From start to finish, all work is quickly and efficiently completed by our certified, insured and bonded technicians.

Floods4Less will deliver Double the Service - Half the Price. We are so confident about our quality of service that we will give you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Compare our prices to our competitors and you'll see how much you save with Floods4Less.

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